Sangeet Vidya Niketan

॥Gitang vadyang tatha nrityang trayang sangeetmuchyate॥

The word Sangeet is the culmination or combination of Gayan, Vadan, & Nritya or what is commonly known as Vocal music, Instrumental music and Dance

Sangeet Vidya Niketan through its efforts to bring the art of Indian classical dance and music into the core everyday life of those initiated and uninitiated, aims at providing a creative oasis in this cluttered technologically overdone day and age.

The school aims at the following:

  • To provide high quality training in dance and music under seasoned teachers
  • To introduce young and curious minds to Indian culture through dance and music
  • To restore dance and music to its respected and highly crucial part of our society
  • To hold regular master classes under senior maestros for a well expanded understanding of different banis of dance and music
  • To provide an infrastructure to dancers and musicians to collaborate and create works of art